Just a little painting practice~ 

so I wanted to work something around commissions. and Don’t ask me why that cat ears..I would like to make some costumes for a reason~~/o/ *ya know its almost halloween…in fact, have more time for it. but I just can’t wait* xD 

Our new ocs outfit desings~o///v///o

(c) CuBur and Kazhmiran

WIP looong night works~~ 



A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

[From various sources.]


Quick gift~~ 

~~~Uchiha Itachi *WIP*
That’s already not finished..but I still wanted to say ~/o/

Happy Birthday】!(ᅌωᅌ*) 

New program testing.

[quick doodle] I’m just trying to get used~

Work in progress.

I am just working on commission today~ yah, it looks different from others..I know. but just doing slow~~>//c//<~~~ 

Character belongs to respective owner.


[Fanart - Naruto] 

Mini sketch colored headshot gifts~ 

I just wanted to make some mini gifts for Hachiimi, ZenithOmocha, Azzedar-san, maributt, XxPaigeexX, Tsukiakari-Neko and Kazhmiran

*just really a small thing~~(๑╹ω╹๑ )

Headshotst time~ *for Antigonia

Commission [WIP] 
Lineart is finished ~ now time to colors =D

in fact, I’d love to show you it on livestream. but stream is hate me these days for a reason! so it’s just have to wait a bit more //pfft >u<*

Hey Cubur, I love your new theme.... and new design is so awesome.. I love colors and picture *-*

aw~ Thanks alot sisi! I’m glad you like them /o/ C:

Depressed mood “Hai” ~ fast doodle 

ooh~ I finished a portion of works. *so feel happy for no reason* /o/

Continue to works xD