Hi all!! :)
My name is B.Burcu Bengü! I was born on April 22nd. and I'm*Anime artist. So, if you like my Arts..click my DA page *cubur.deviantart.com ~Thank You! (◕ω◕)




This has been something that has been bothering me for the past few years, every time I encounter someone who’s just started as an artist, they put themselves down because they’re intimidated by artists who are more experienced.  Intimidation is something that every artist has (or will) encounter in their lives, and they need to pull through that fear in order to grow as an artist.  Take that intimidation and be inspired about it.  What makes it intimidating?  What makes their work look so unique?  That’s where your learning opportunistic moments will occur, you find those reasons and you create something new out of all that you’ve learned!
I believe that anyone, ANYONE, can become an artist.  It takes dedication and determination, but I promise you that drawing is one of the most rewarding art forms I’ve ever experienced.  You will always learn something new with it, therefore, the fun never stops!

Well said.

Inspirational punch to the face for everyone~

Commission (Part 2) for Senyou ~//<3
..I just love this kind of dark colors characters *///* just, Thank you! 

Naruto - Neji Hyuga

I just wanted to draw him..I love his hair **and Byakugan, ofcourse**
♥ ♥ I hope you all like it!(ᅌωᅌ*) 

new Naruto character for Kazhmiran 
…i just love him. he’s a new uchiha x) *Ryuu //hope you all like it

Commission for PolahBear~//<3

this is my first pokemon drawing..so, Hope you like it. (‘ㅂ`)

Wild babies for Kazhmiran .. ahw *I love their design ^^


My sister sketch  headshot commission Part 1 and 2 ♥ Hope u like it honey :3 

****They are our characters … Golda - Marcus and Nacta *****

Kyaaaaaa~  Thanks alot my sweet sisi..<3

~Com: Headshot Sketch Pack 

Point Commissions for Lucinhae // symbol-san
awee Thank you so much for these girls .. i love them alot ///w///