A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

[From various sources.]


Quick gift~~ 

~~~Uchiha Itachi *WIP*
That’s already not finished..but I still wanted to say ~/o/

Happy Birthday】!(ᅌωᅌ*) 

New program testing.

[quick doodle] I’m just trying to get used~

Work in progress.

I am just working on commission today~ yah, it looks different from others..I know. but just doing slow~~>//c//<~~~ 

Character belongs to respective owner.


[Fanart - Naruto] 

Mini sketch colored headshot gifts~ 

I just wanted to make some mini gifts for Hachiimi, ZenithOmocha, Azzedar-san, maributt, XxPaigeexX, Tsukiakari-Neko and Kazhmiran

*just really a small thing~~(๑╹ω╹๑ )

Headshotst time~ *for Antigonia

Commission [WIP] 
Lineart is finished ~ now time to colors =D

in fact, I’d love to show you it on livestream. but stream is hate me these days for a reason! so it’s just have to wait a bit more //pfft >u<*

Hey Cubur, I love your new theme.... and new design is so awesome.. I love colors and picture *-*

aw~ Thanks alot sisi! I’m glad you like them /o/ C:

Depressed mood “Hai” ~ fast doodle 

ooh~ I finished a portion of works. *so feel happy for no reason* /o/

Continue to works xD 




Wolves Flirting.

Gifs made from this video.

casually reblogs for no reason at all

These are just big cute doggies just look at that happy face 

Uchiha Sasuke [FanArt] ~

Adopt chibi sketch base helped for my friend.
Not really sure if I helped~/o/